B313 w9 | Economics homework help

Question 1=

“Financial Measurements” Please respond to the following:

  • From the first e-Activity, determine the financial measure you believe to be the most important and the one that is least important to potential investors. Support your answer. Compare and contrast the two financial measures you selected according to the needs of hypothetical investors.
  • Consider the needs of investors and the needs of business owners. Examine how investors’ use of financial ratios might differ from owners’ use of financial ratios. Determine ways that their use of financial ratios might be similar.

Question 2=

  • From the first e-Activity, determine the financial measure you believe to be the most important and the one that is least important to potential investors. Support your answer. Compare and contrast the two financial measures you selected according to the needs of hypothetical investors.

I think the most important financial measure to potential investors is the revenue in sales while the least important is the amount of other people buying shares in the stock market. While selling share in the stock market is great and can lead the company to huge opportunities, financial investors will not be so please unless the numbers of the company are high. The cost to make the product compared to the price it sells for and how much profit comes from that is the most important to these investors because they want to make sure they get their money back plus interest. 


  • Consider the needs of investors and the needs of business owners. Examine how investors’ use of financial ratios might differ from owners’ use of financial ratios. Determine ways that their use of financial ratios might be similar.

When Investors look at financial ratios they are more experienced and they can tell from the numbers where the company started to where they are going. Investors want to see the number increase, the more it increases the more likely they are to invest, this reassures them that they will receive their money back with interest or what ever deal they made with the owner. 


Business owners do not look this closely and sometimes that can throw a business off, which is why a business plan with the financial segment should be throughly worked out, especially in case of failure. Business owners looks for their profits, what they will be making after paying all of their bills and inventory, they often look for how life will look in a couple of years and so on.



  • Go to the Hershey’s Website and visit the page for its financial statements, located here. View one of the company’s quarterly or annual reports, paying special attention to the financial information presented in the document. Consider what information would be most important to you if you were a potential investor. Be prepared to discuss.
  • Watch the video titled, “Elevator Pitch”, (2 m 14 s), located in your course shell (Week 9). Be prepared to discuss.




Question 3=

“Seeking Investor Funding” Please respond to the following:

  • From the second e-Activity, determine and describe the key points you would make in an investor’s presentation to the following audiences: bankers, angel investors, VC partners, suppliers, and potential key employees. Determine which audience might prove to be the most difficult. Support your answer.
  • Consider the five different audiences to seek funding from: bankers, angel investors, VC partners, suppliers, and potential key employees. Rank these audiences from one to five, according to the order in which you would seek funding from each. Support your answer with an explanation of the factors that you used to determine the order of the five audiences on the list.

Question 4=

I believe that the key points that should be presented to investors are sales reports, graphs, production costs, and future projections. Sales reports are important because they show perspective investors how much money the business has been making. Production costs would include creating the product and buying the ingredients that are necessary to create the product. Future projections would show where you as a business owner would expect the business to be in the next 2-5 years. All of the for mentioned key point are important because they could be used to draw in investors, suppliers, and/or employees.

1.) Bankers 2.) Suppliers 3.) Angel investors 4.) VC partners 5.) Potential key employees.

I put them in this order according to what I could deal with as a business owner. I could deal with bankers much easier because with bankers it is all business there are no personal feelings involved and it is very simple. They loan money and the person that the money is loaned to pays the banker back what they owe. It would be good to have a good working relationship with suppliers because as a business owner I may need to work with them again in the future and both parties would benefit. Angel investors are third because they can become very involved in the business that they invest in. VC’s are fourth because they are in direct competition with angle investors. Lastly, I would least of all want to take funding from potential employees. The key word is employees they are supposed to work for me and if they help fund my business then they would be more than employees.



Hum 186 week 3 influence of entertainment media paper

Resources: Week Three readings and videos

Write a 350-to 700-word paper in which you investigate the interrelationship between the entertainment media and culture. Answer the following questions:

  • In what ways have various forms of entertainment media shaped American culture and its values?
  • Are the social influences of entertainment media mostly positive or negative? Explain.

Provide specific examples.

Conclude your paper with thoughts on whether the entertainment media are a reflection of or a catalyst for societal behaviors and attitudes.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


450 Words

1 Source

Scored: 5/5

Busn318 essay 3 | English homework help


Read the following situation then answer the questions as part of well written essay (250-500 words). Include sources and citations where appropriate and a reference list at the end of your essay.  Adhere to all APA 6th ed. rules.

David Bernstein needs help financing his Lodi, New Jersey–based Access Direct, Inc., a six-year-old $3.5 million company. “We’re ready to get to the next level,” says Bernstein, “ but we’re not sure which way to go.” Access Direct spruces up and then sells used computer equipment for corporations. It is looking for up to $2 million in order to expand. “Venture capitalists, individual investors, or banks,” says Bernstein, who owns the company with four partners, “we’ve thought about them all.”

  • What is your impression of Bernstein’s perspective on raising capital to “get to the next level”?
  • What advice would you offer Bernstein as to both appropriate and inappropriate sources of financing in his situation?

discussion: common alterations in pulmonary functioning


Step 1 The scenario:

You work for Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital as a nurse on the pulmonary unit. You have been asked to create patient education handouts for a variety of pulmonary disorders. After you gather the information to put in the handout, you will ask your peers for feedback on the information.

Step 2 Select a pulmonary disorder that you would like to learn about and, if necessary, research the pathophysiology of the disorder.

Step 3 Your first task is to describe the pathophysiology of the disorder that you will include in the patient handout. This should be followed by common signs and symptoms of the disorder. Be sure to cover the pathophysiology of the disorder in terms a patient (or his or her caregiver) would be able to understand. Be sure to cite all sources you use and provide a reference using proper APA formatting.

Nurse legacy | Nursing homework help

Select a nurse that historically contributed to the advancement of the profession. Write a 2-3 page paper that responds to the following questions. Identify the nurse and his/her background and complete the following:

  1. Provide a brief description of the major social issues occurring at the time this nurse lived
  2. Describe two contributions made to nursing
  3. Discuss how these two unique contributions influenced nursing as we know it today
  4. Minimum length 2-3 pages not including cover or referencing. APA formatting with referencing and in text citation.

Assessment and health and illness beliefs

In a 3 page paper discuss how health and illness beliefs can influence the assessment process. You can use the Table on Traditional Health and Illness Beliefs in your textbook or any other evidence-based sources. Include how belief structure might impact how a client responds to an assessment interview and how culture might influence physical findings. Your assignment must have accurate spelling and grammar and use APA Editorial Format.

Microeconomics analysis | Economics homework help


Microeconomics Analysis “Why are things the way they are?”

General Guidelines

  1. Do not research this analysis online. This is not a research paper. This is an application of economics to something that puzzles you. Any research you do should support your logic. 
  2. If you use statistics or laws or rules, please cite the source. 
  3. This is a thought project with your opinions supported by economics.
  4. There is possibly no good answer for your question or possibly multiple answers. If there are multiple answers, pick one concept and explain it well. It is better to explain one idea well than to explain multiple ideas poorly. 

Project Format/Delivery

Pick one of the two methods for your project analysis

A. paper based project analysis

  1. There is no page minimum, but there is a maximum. We’re not looking for quantity but quality! Don’t ask “how many pages should the analysis be?” Our response will be “write until your question is answered but don’t write more than 5 pages” 
  2. Concise and clear language should be your goal. Fluffed up analysis will be downgraded. Just answer your question! There is no need to provide filler to make your pages longer. 
  3. Citations. You can write a proper reference page or you could make it easy and use footnotes.

B. creative, non-paper based project analysis

You may instead do your project as a video, PowerPoint presentation, song, short movie, animation, audio recording, modern dance … or any other creative method that demonstrates your knowledge of the topic and the application. 

There is no limit for length/time but do keep it reasonable. For video/audio, over 60 minutes is likely too long and under 3 minutes is likely too short. For short stories, any length is fine. 

If you take a creative approach for this project and run short of time, talk to me and we can likely extend your due date. It is better to turn your work in late and be proud of it than to turn it in ontime with the knowledge that you could have done better. 

Explain in detail the processes of a job analysis then explain why


Your essay should be well thought out using information from the text as well as one or two additional sources which are clearly cited. The matrix for grading is below.  There is no upper limit for length however a good essay will be at least 2 pages long.  Be sure to write your paper outside of Blackboard using word processing software and then save it as a document.  The best manner of placing into Blackboard is to copy and paste so that the document is immediately available to read and doesn’t require clicking to open.

While other students will not see your score/grade, they will be able to read your essay and I suggest that all students take the time to read the essays of others in their group as a way to better understand the subject as well as how other people interpret assignments.


Grading Possibilities:

70%  Content

10%  Use of source material

10%  Depth of opinion

10%  Spelling, grammar, sentence structure

(Attated the document below)

 3-half pages,use the text information as document post and one more addition source clearly cited.

Eco372 principles of macroeconomic week 4 macro quiz answer key



THIS IS AN INDIVIDUAL ASSIGNMENT.  It is a violation of the academic code of conduct to solicit or accept help from any outside source, including a tutor, online assistance, or any other resource.  Evidence of cheating on the quiz will be met with very dire consequences. You may use your textbook, video lessons, and class discussion.  Clearly mark your answers by changing the color of your choices, using highlighting, or bold. 


Section One:  Multiple Choice – select the best response; each response is worth 1 point


1.         In the U.S. banking system, banks are required to hold:

a.         a fraction of total deposits on reserve.

b.         a multiple of total deposits on reserve.

c.         whatever amount of cash they feel is prudent.

d.         enough cash to back every dollar of deposits.


2.         In the U.S. banking system, depository institutions (banks) may hold required reserves:

            a.         only as vault cash.

            b.         only on deposit at a Federal Reserve Bank.

            c.         as government bonds so they can be easily liquidated.

            d.         as either vault cash or on deposit at a Federal Reserve Bank.


3.         In a fractional reserve banking system, money is created when:

            a.         banks accept cash deposits.

            b.         the Treasury Department prints new coins.

            c.         banks make new loans.

            d.         the U.S. Mint issues new paper money.


4.         Mr. Jones deposited $10,000 cash into his account at Bank A.  If the required reserve ratio is 5%, Bank A has to keep _____ in the form of required reserves and can make a loan equal to  _____.

a.         $500; $9,500

b.         $500; $10,000

c.         $9,500; $500

d.         $9,500; $10,000


5.         If the required reserve ratio is 10%, the banking system has total reserves in the amount

            of $40 billion, there are no currency leakages, and each bank makes loans until excess

            reserves equal zero, then total checkable deposits for the banking system will equal:

a.         $10 billion.

b.         $40 billion.

c.         $100 billion.

d.         $400 billion.

6.         The primary responsibility of the Federal Reserve System is to:

a.         make loans to businesses and consumers.

b.         provide currency to banks and automated teller machines (ATMs).

c.         control the nation’s money supply and add stability to the financial system.

d.         issue government bonds to finance the government budget deficit.


7.         The Federal Reserve:

a.         determines U.S. fiscal policy.

b.         cannot legally provide loans to banks.

c.         is responsible for monetary policy in the United States.

d.         is responsible for tax policy in the United States.


8.         When it was first created by Congress in 1913, the primary role of the Federal Reserve      System was to:

            a.         make loans to small businesses and farmers in the agricultural sector of the                                     economy.

            b.         act as lender of last resort to the banking community.

            c.         regulate business practices by granting loans only to those businesses that met                                federal competitive guidelines.

            d.         provide a safe bank for the government to store the tax revenue it collected as a                             result of the establishment of a permanent federal income tax.


9.         Suppose the Board of Governors has determined that continued increases in consumption             and investment spending are likely to be inflationary.  To control inflation, the Fed would        most likely pursue policies that promote:

a.         lower interest rates and a contraction of bank lending activity.

b.         lower interest rates and an expansion of bank lending activity.

c.         higher interest rates and a contraction of bank lending activity.

d.         higher interest rates and an expansion of bank lending activity.


10.       The discount rate is the rate of interest that:

a.         a bank pays to the Fed for an overnight loan of reserves.

b.         one bank pays another for an overnight loan of reserves.

c.         the best corporate customers pay on short-term business loans.

d.         depositors earn on Eurodollars.


P12-5 xs supply company is developing its annual financial statements

P12-5 (Supplement B) Preparing a Statement of Cash Flows with Gain on Sale of Equipment (Indirect Method) LO12-2, 12-4, 12-6


CF Unit6 P12-5 XS Supply Company


XS Supply Company is developing its annual financial statements at December 31, 2014. The statements are complete except for the statement of cash flows. The completed comparative balance sheets and income statement are summarized:


2014                2013  

Balance sheet at December 31      

Cash                                                   $34,000                       $29,000

     Accounts receivable                                   35,000                         28,000

     Merchandise inventory                  41,000                         38,000

     Property and equipment                  121,000           100,000

     Less: Accumulated depreciation     (30,000)          (25,000)

                                                            $201,000         $170,000

     Accounts payable                          $36,000            $ 27,000

     Wages payable                                1,200               1,400

     Note payable, long-term                 38,000             44,000

     Contributed capital                         88,600             72,600

     Retained earnings                           37,200             25,000

                                                           $ 201,000         $ 170,000

  Income statement for 2014 

      Sales                                             $ 120,000       

     Gain on sale of equipment              1,000

      Cost of goods sold                         70,000

     Other expenses                               38,800


     Net income                                    $ 12,200


Additional Data:

a. Bought equipment for cash, $31,000. Sold equipment with original cost of $10,000, accumulated depreciation of $7,000, for $4,000 cash.

b. Paid $6,000 on the long-term note payable.

c. Issued new shares of stock for $16,000 cash.

d. No dividends were declared or paid.

e. Other expenses included depreciation, $12,000; wages, $13,000; taxes, $6,000; and other, $7,800.

f. Accounts payable includes only inventory purchases made on credit. Because there are no liability accounts relating to taxes or other expenses, assume that these expenses were fully paid in cash.



1 Prepare the statement of cash flows for the year ended December 31, 2014, using the indirect method.

 (List cash outflows as negative amounts.)

Possible input areas are shaded.




Statement of Cash Flows

For the Year Ended December 31, 2014

Cash flows from operating activities:

Adjustments to reconcile net income to net cash provided by operating activities: 

Net cash provided by operating activities                               –

Cash flows from investing activities: 

Cash flows from financing activities:        –


                                                                        $          –