Comparison/contrast essay assignment | English homework help

The topic is to compare and contrast the ideas in “Why English?” and “The Language of Common Sense.” You must decide and state in your thesis if the two essays are more different.

Please follow these instructions.

1. Write a good introduction with your clear thesis at the end of it.

2. Be sure that each body paragraph starts with a clear topic sentence.

3. Use ‘one time” examples in each body paragraph. These examples should be “direct quotations” from each of the two articles. You must have at least two examples like this in each body paragraph. 

“direct quotations”S EXAMPLE: The two articles contrast with each other when they talk about the reasons to use languages other than English. The Times article says that other languages help to bring diversity to life in Los Angeles. The article states that, “People using their native languages have helped Los Angeles to have a multicultural environment that most other cities do not have.” However, in “Why English?” Saucier suggests a different reason for why other languages are good in the U.S. She writes, “Our population will be readier to deal with  globalization and international business if we have more people who can speak many languages.” Both writers believe that having many  languages is good, but their ideas about why are not the same.

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