Health | Environmental science homework help

Complete a Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation summarizing your diet and exercise habits throughout the course and create a personalized nutrition and exercise plan you will follow to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Include the following in your presentation:


·       Individual Goal Statement from Week 1


·       Tracking information of your Diet and Exercise Analysis from Weeks 2, 4, 6, and 8


·       Factors that help maintain a healthy weight


·       Realistic nutrition and exercise plan that includes four nutritional and physical exercise goals that will assist you in optimizing good health


·       Actions you will take to meet each goal


·       Anticipated setbacks or difficulties you may face and approaches you will implement for overcoming them


·       Outcomes you will measure to determine if your plan is successful


·       Potential health risks you may develop if you do not implement the plan


·       How you will adjust your plan to fit your changing nutritional needs as a result of age, pregnancy (if applicable), or changes in physical capabilities


o   Can you perform these activities year-round? If not, suggest alternative activities and locations for inclement weather.


Submit your presentation to your instructor.

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