Level of ethics | Operations Management homework help


Week 11

Companies are expected to act ethically and to ensure their employees act ethically as well. However, we know the level of ethics expected is not always the same as the level of ethics in practice. Take a moment to share your thoughts on the following questions about ethics, in light of what you have learned in this course.

  • If you were the CEO of a company, how would you ensure       employees operate at a high ethical standard?
  • Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’       posts.

Hello Professor and Class, 

Ethics can be defined as the different types of moral principles and values that can affect a person’s behavior and conduct. Ethics greatly influences the overall conduct of a person.As the question asks whether it is possible to teach ethics, Yes, it is possible to teach ethics to the people. It has been found that most ethical behaviors are learned from our society, parents, friends, and so on. If there is a requirement to change the ethical framework of any organization, they have to undergo a consistent exposure to a new value system that can replace the order value system and impart the new set of values that can regulate the conduct and behavior of the person. First of all, it is important that the CEO have to follow all the ethical standards that she is willing to impart to the employees. It has been found that the conduct of the top management has a direct effect on the overall conduct and ethical framework of the people. After this, the CEO must develop a strict ethical framework and guidelines for the employees that have to be adhered to by everyone while performo9g their duties and responsibility. Those who satisfy and follow these norms and ethical principles should be incentivized and motivated while breaching these ethical frameworks must be punished.

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