Week 10 research project (case study part 2)

Strategic Analysis of Company

  1. Describe the company’s internal environment.
  2. List all of the company’s external factors.
  3. List the Company’s internal competitive advantages.
  4. How does the company differentiate itself from its competitors?
  5. Identify which generic business strategies your company is employing. Do they align with its vision and mission?
  6. Where is your company on the industry’s life cycle?
  7. Does your company have a cost-leadership position in this business? If so, identify which cost drivers it uses effectively to hold this position.
  8. What is your company’s approach to the market? Does it segment the market?
  9. Is your company vertically integrated? Explain.
  10. Explain your company’s global strategy.

Requirements: APA Format, 12 pt font, Double Space, Times New Roman, Reference Format From (Week 9 Research Project (Case Study Part 1)

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